Friday, October 29, 2010

In portfolio class you will be required to have a website. EVEN if you have your own you will be required to have a behance page, it is tied to AIGA, easily found on blogs, etc. Please put University of Kansas in your tags.

Behance is free you need to click sign up and request for an invitation. Get at least one project online. GET THIS DONE NOW, at least one project up.

i am not an artist


InfoGraphic resources

zoo rebrand


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

May Event (May 12, 2011)

Wed, Oct 20
You will be concepting, brainstorming, exploring ideas for a May event where professionals will come and look at your work (your book -- book = portfolio). Think of this as an event. Professional will be invited. You will need to work individually and in groups to define the message, look and feel, and deliverables.

Your audience is DESIGNERS who will hire you! Do not forget that. This is not about you, not look at me i am so cool i am done with graphics. Designing for designers is both a blessing and a curse!

The May event is comprised of both Graphic and Illustration seniors.

1) what is the idea?

2) that is it called? what is the message?

3) how will you get the message out: email? postcards? posters? website? motion (animation announcing the event? your work, we can have 3+ monitors in the space)

4) swag? will you have swag? pins, bag, give aways, booklets?

The cost for participating is $75 dollars a piece (per student). That covers the cost of the space, food, drinks, tips, tables, table cloths, and a $500 for printing and mailing (costs about $250 to mail). You will have to figure out how to pay for the sway if you start now you could get some donations/ sponsors.

Instead of thinking about a senior design show think design conference, design experience, design exhibition. Think "cool" and out of the box, you can be abstract, KEEP your thinking fluid, nothing out at during brainstorming

fyi past shows...
-- KCAI website, motion
-- JCCC website
-- KU website


least 50 ideas written down, research, etc. Identify ideas/concepts that can be refined into design directions

join aiga

join (get at least one project up, please TAG university of kansas)

apply for graduation 

Monday, Oct 25
Present research and at least 50 ideas written down, research, etc. Identify ideas/concepts that can be refined into design directions

homework: Choose at least x directions to build out for Wed. What are the deliverables you are thinking for your direction -- show them. Show us what you are thinking -- we are visual people.

Wednesday, Oct 27
Present ideas to the large group. Discuss. Which X can be further explored?

homework: Everyone explore the ideas to push how far they can go. Even though we don't have money for this -- yet -- expand your concept/designs to at least a postcard, poster, bag, pin(s), name tags (for guests, for you), website main page.

Monday,  Nov 1          
(all meet at 11:30?) Present in small groups. Refine ideas for a vote on Wed.

Wednesday, Nov 3          
As a large group you choose (vote) which direction. And identify who is responsible for each deliverable.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brainstorming...First Day

May Event...

Will work for____.
Ready (Ready or not here we come)
Hide and SEEK (seek)
Hot off the ___
Brand new
I am your type...

build out, expand on as many ideas or one idea.
we need to SEE what you are thinking.
don't tell us lets SEE it.
NEED more for monday.

Get Email address

Get a hotmail or gmail or whatever email address. YOURNAME no cute names for your professional correspondence.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apply for Graduation

If you are planning to graduate in Fall 2010 you need to go to your Enroll & Pay accounts and apply for graduation before march 1st. This is the on-line deadline to apply for Fall 2010 graduation. Please make sure you take care of this. Many seniors didn't do this last  year and there are many unhappy people so do it now.

Monday, October 18, 2010


AIGA is committed to increasing student involvement in the design community. To make membership even more accessible to students, for six weeks only, full-time students can join or renew online for just $50.

This national student membership drive mid-September thru October 31. To JOIN go to

It is very important that you are included in the KU AIGA student group so once you have signed up please email me ( your name, email address (that you used to sign up) and your zip code.

Mentorship opportunities (get a mentor / be a mentor)
Network with professionals
Access to to AIGA online membership directory (listing all 15,000 members across the country).
Design Job Search only AIGA members can view complete job listings at AIGA Design Jobs.
Member Gallery, online portfolio gallery (a place to showcase your work) connect with employers and recruiters.
Discounts: student discounted pricing on local, regional and national events, lectures, conferences and competitions.