Saturday, November 6, 2010

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Committees for the May Event

COST (raising funds): 
How can you raise funds need a small group to organize but ALL of you will be called on to help out. What are you going to do, make, how, where, organize everything tell people what they need to do.

Team (4 - 6): Addie, Jamie, Alyissa Megan, Sara

Visual Language look and feel, design direction and standards
Design and produces all the printed artifacts (poster, postcard, name tags, signage, space graphics...) and oversees the look and feel of the website and motion to make sure the branding is consistent.

Poster / Postcards printed and ready to send out by Spring Break.

Design Team (4 - 6):
Michael, Brian, Jordan, Cat: Visual Language.
Lauren, Chris, Maryann: Print applications (working with VL team)

WEBSITE: A small team will work on a web site for the show. Time and place, and a links to portfolios online. What ALL of you will need to supply for the web site will be determined soon, most likely a postcard design, an image of your work and a link to your web site MORE information will come soon from the web team.

Completed by Spring Break. 

Team (2 - 3): Jaclyn, Alexandra, Sarah (work with VL team)

MOTION: A small team all motion materials for the show. Intro to the show, motion at the show, showcase the motion you have done... 

Intro motion completed by end of Feb.
Motion reel (by senior show: full length motion pieces strung together in a loop)

Team (2 - 3): Gavin, Jovan, Tristan (work with VL team)

BLOG: Each student showcased. Each Monday someone else showcased.

Design look and feel and determine content. Everyone answers the same 3 -5 questions?

I can do it but will need help from the VL team

Costs. Present to the group. Organization, computers, lighting, power cords.
Continue the discussion pros/cons.

Need to have a space by Jan.

Team (3 - 4): Josey, Lindsey, Dani, Carly, (Michael)

* bringing your own computer? you need to bring an extension cord.

Need a small group of you to go through the mailing list and email list and update addresses. Present list to the group for additions.

Complete by Spring Break

Volunteers (2-3): Melissa, Alyissa, Jamie (meet with me as a group and we can get started)

Hand deliver
(3) Willloughby, (2) BR, (3)VML, (1) Callahan Creek, (5) Hallmark, (1) AIGA office, (1) Vahalla, (3) BarkleyBlacktop, (2) Arch 360, (1) Populous, (3) VML ....

Monday, November 1, 2010


FRIDAY Nov 5 from 1 - 3pm in 321 we are having PAPER SCHOOL.

Don Clampitt from Clampitt paper comes from Dallas and teaches you the ins and outs of paper. It is a great little session to learn about papers that you will be using as a professional, he teaches you the basics, gives out lots of cool paper samples. And paper school can go on your resume.

check out the website.

IF you have already signed up then you do not have to email me but if you haven't signed up please let me know if you plan to attend.