Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Steps in Getting Your Portfolio Ready

Feel free to email me content, questions... (you will hand this in on the first day of Portfolio class) ** for most of you I have your email address if you prefer me to send you info to another one please email me.

-- 3 ring binder
-- put your name on the first page inside
-- resume, type up all the information (don't need to design it. here is a link with an outline of the content.) feel free to email me content if you want me to read it over
-- your "personality" test in the binder (if you have never taken a personality test take one here is a link but feel free use any personality test. Will help you with your strength and weakness question, writing cover letters, etc.)

Write a word list/statement list 7 – 15 things under each of these topics:
-- my personality is...
-- my personality is not...
-- i enjoy working on projects that are...
-- i don't enjoy projects that are...
-- i like to work in this manner... the design process part that you like... and don't like
-- my work as it relates to the field of graphic design (what you have done or want to do)...

-- make an associated word list about your self (don't edit come up with at least 50)
-- key words which keywords fit you best? least?
-- any quotes by designers, typographers, ... that you associate with? 

Thinking about after graduation...
-- I want to live (name the city) or cities
-- I want to work for ___ type of firm or name of firms if you know
-- Ideal projects you would like to work on (this still may change many times before MAY)

Find ALL of your projects (including type and concepts) and organize them into one Portfolio Class folder on your computer or hard drive.

Create a tiff or psd of one image (final image or an image from process). You need an image for every project. Find/ Write for each project: project name, class name, instructor, year (soph, jr, sr), project description or objectives, your concept or how you solved the problem...

All of the above is not designed just organized. Have each project on one 8.5 x 11 page.
on that page should be...
1) image of the project
2) name of the project
3) class name
4) instructor
5) year (soph, jr, sr)

Read Strategy Metaphor (next entry below before you answer the next 3.
6) project description/objectives (this takes time, take it and write them well you may use them on your website, portfolio, leave behind... do not tell me that i am looking at a website... something about the project; concept, idea, audience, challenge...solution...
7) concept/solution
8) anything else: audience, tone/style, color palette, fonts used, etc.

All the above can help when you are putting your final portfolio together, write the content in a professional tone.

take all your images and print them out, black and white. small 2 inches or so. just thumbnail size images. one image for every project including type and concepts. trim them out an bring them in an envelope. 

When looking through your projects which one do you want or you think you must redo! could be just fixing it, or completely starting over. Or what type of project do you think you are missing in your book (your portfolio)? Take one project and redo it over the summer. Please let Jeremy or I crit you over the summer to make sure it is getting better. Do no think you need to redo every project. JUST choose ONE.